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Who are We?
We are an amateur production company committed to bringing on stage the classical heritage of the Scottish Enlightenment.

We seek to abide by the four words on the Scottish Mace in the Scottish Parliament:

Wisdom - Justice - Compassion - Integrity.

our cast for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Some of us have performed with other drama groups. Some of us find this to be our first experience on stage. We come from an increasing number of countries (so far, the United States, South Africa, Italy, England and, of course, Scotland). We are international and multi-cultural, and we hold no conditions of faith or mental or physical ability. All of us live on stage the lives of great philosophers and their friends to enhance our own well-being with increasing recognition of the needs of the world. We call ourselves "The Radicals" in the sense of the philosophical radicals of the Scottish Enlightenment, the poetic radicals such as Milton and Coleridge, and the political radicals, such as Wilberforce and Gandhi. We are looking for others to join us and for help with the casting to produce the plays in other venues in Scotland and in other countries. For expansion, we are also looking for sponsorship. For example, we would like to produce all three plays at the 2008 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Other plays are in preparation, including one tentatively entitled Immanuel Kant - Seeking Responsible Freedom.

Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Where Rivers Meet : The Search for Peace with Justice : Rev Dr Wally Shaw

Forward by Frank Whaling

It is a pleasure to commend this book Where Rivers Meet : The Search for Peace with Justice by Wallace Shaw, and that for two reasons: because it is so well done, and because it is so needed.

There are a number of books that are available to promote among young people and teachers the study of world religions, and of Christianity and other religions. Some of these relate to RE in schools, others appeal to a wider public. These books generally restrict themselves to a study of the five major religious traditions: the Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, and Muslim. They also concentrate in the main upon conveying information about these different religious traditions.

The attractiveness of this book lies in its width and imaginative insight. It ranges historically from Primal Religion with its beginnings in prehistory to the Baha'i tradition which arose in the nineteenth century. It engages with early religious movements such as those of ancient Egypt, Qumran, and Greece and Rome; it looks at the monotheistic religions such as the Jews, Christians, and Muslims; it investigates Indian traditions such as the Hindu, Theravada Buddhist, and Sikh; and it explores Far Eastern traditions such as the Confucian, Taoist, Mahayana Buddhist, and Shinto.

In addition to its enviable width of coverage, it also creatively engages the insight of the reader. Included within its covers are imaginative attempts to enable one to get inside the worldview of other religions. Efforts are made to transport readers inside the thought-world of others and to allow them in some measure to see the universe as others see it. Structured dialogues and other insightful devices such as illustrations and charts help towards this end.Where rivers meet

As well as being interesting, Mr. Shaw's book is also relevant and contemporary. Present-day issues are referred to, the language is modern and understandable, and the reader's experience is enlisted. These pages will appeal not only to young people, to teachers, and to the educational world but also to interested lay persons with a general interest in world religions.

Wallace Shaw is scruptulously fair in his discussion. He starts from where people are likely to be and takes them through empathy into the worldview of others, not least into the worldview of Christianity which can no longer be taken as read.

Christian attributes of empathy, reason, concern, and thoughtfulness are brought to this work which will be of help to many people in schools and beyond. It deserves to do very well.

Frank Whaling, Forward Where Rivers Meet : The Search for Peace with Justice

Edinburgh Festival Fringe

We have produced our philosophy plays at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe from 2005 through 2009 with favourable reviews of our teaching philosophy resources and philosophy plays. These productions were attended in the hundreds of visitors and many visitors commented on Scottish Enlightenment insights.

Press Releases for our Philosophy Plays

We have Press Releases for the philosophy plays we produced during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Adam Smith - Making Poverty History
Jeremy Bentham - The Pursuit of Happiness
Socrates - Life and Legacy
David Hume - Citizen of the World
Robert Burns - Scotland’s Radically Enlightened Poet

funding award for our teaching philosophy lessons

scotlandunltd award for our teaching philosophy lessons

We are happy to announce that we have been awarded a grant from Scotland UnLtd to help with the development of our web site, to help with costs for production of our teaching philosophy lessons and to lay the foundation for expanding its contribution to the arts.


teaching philosophy - Rev Dr Wally Shaw

Rev Dr Wally Shaw

Rev Dr Wally Shaw

Rev Dr Wally Shaw was a philosopher and teacher, as well as a Minister of the Church of Scotland. He was passionate about David Hume, the Scottish Enlightenment and visited Humes' home in Chirnside, Scotland many a time. Throughout his life he sought to help solve the worlds problems not just through education but through the words on the Scottish Mace in the Scottish Parliament

Wisdom - Justice - Compassion - Integrity


After he passed away we felt it would be fitting to spread his ashes in the David Hume Walk in Chirnside, Scotland. You can read Rev Dr Wally Shaw obituary (pdf file).

David Hume walk Chirnside
David Hume walkway Chirnside

David Hume Walk Chirnside, Scotland

We hope these webpages will help you in your journey through philosophy and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Wallace Allen Shaw was born in Crawfordsville, Indiana, where he graduated from Wabash College (BA in Philosophy). Post-graduate research brought him to New College, Edinburgh University, and he subsequently completed further degrees at Union Theological Seminary, New York City (MTh/BD in New Testament) and St Andrew's University (PhD in Practical Theology: the Content and Methodology of Religious Education for Scottish Secondary Schools).

He married Lesley Ballantine of Edinburgh in 1959 and served with the Methodist Church as Associate Minister in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn (where he was also Director of a Released Time School in Religious Education and Chairman of the National Council of Christians and Jews for Brooklyn). Then he became a Minister in Westhampton Beach, Long Island.

Returning to Scotland in 1962, he became an Assistant Minister as “Youth Organiser” at St George's West Church, Edinburgh, and began writing the Living Bible series of textbooks for R.E. in British and Commonwealth schools while awaiting his acceptance as a Minister by the Church of Scotland. In 1964 he became Minister of St Margaret's Parish Church, Glenrothes (where he also became Founder of Operation Friendship International, a multi-racial, multi-faith and multi-cultural youth venture affiliated to the United Nations as a Non-Governmental Organisation). From 1976 until his retirement in 1994, he was Chaplain and Head of the Religious Education Department at Daniel Stewart's and Melville College (twinned with the Mary Erskine School), Edinburgh, (and where his further writings included The Gospel of Luke, a teaching commentary, booklets such as Between You and Me, and manuscripts relating to his role as an N.G.O. Delegate to the United Nations). From his return to Scotland in 1962 he was involved in the early development of Religious Education. As a member of the Teaching Association, ATRESS, he served on the Secretary of State's Committee for the initiating of Religious Studies Certificate Courses in Secondary Schools, while using the Oxford and Cambridge Schools Exam Board “O Level” and "A Level" for his students.

From the beginning of his teaching in 1976, he was involved in the introduction of philosophy into Scottish Secondary Schools. Initially he taught philosophy to all the students in Form V and then replaced this course with SCOTVEC (Scottish Vocational Education Council) certificate courses in philosophy in Form VI, when they became available. He continued to teach philosophy until his retirement in 1994.

Following on his retirement, he completed Where Rivers Meet, the Search for Peace with Justice through Western and Eastern religions, which was published in 1997. He continued working on Where Paths Cross, the Search for Wisdom with Virtue through Western Philosophy, now being completed and published under the title, Living Philosophy, Authentic Readings, Empathetic Role-Plays and Documentary Dramas through Western Philosophy. (the Dramas have been used as play readings and one of them, David Hume, Citizen of the World, was presented at the 2005 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. He is a member of the Edinburgh Inter-Faith Association, the Edinburgh Sea of Faith Group, the Morningside Justice and Peace Group, and St. Mark’s Unitarian Church.

"Wally" and Lesley have three children: Alison, married, living in Indianapolis, and Fiona and Andrew, living in Edinburgh. They have one grandson, Christopher.

the philosophical works of David Hume

In the last years of Wallys' life he wrote extensively on the philosophical works of David Hume.

News about LivingPhilosophy

In 2009 the preparation for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August is Robert Burns Bard of the Scottish Radical Enlightenment.

To celebrate his 250 Anniversary and the Scottish Year of Homecoming This script will be available for the 2009 Edinburgh Festival Fringe and other events

Since the Fringe last August, The Radicals have provided the following: Scotland for Obama was presented at the rally in Edinburgh shortly before the US election by Wally Shaw who writes the scripts for the Radicals.

Barack Obama & and the Scottish Radical Enlightenment was presented by The Radicals at the Morningside Justice & Peace group in Edinburgh shortly before his inauguration .

Adam Smith and the Three Wise Men was presented by The Radicals at St. Mark& Unitarian Church, Castle Terrace, Edinburgh, during the festive season.

October 2008
Since the performances of Adam Smith & Making Poverty History at the 2008 Edinburgh Fringe, there have been a number of reviews.

August 2008
Following on from previous Edinburgh Fringe success we have had our best year yet. Over 550 people attended our docudramas and the following reviews were gratefully recieved.

Fringe review
A detailed and uncompromisingly intellectual live docudrama with commentary on the life and times of Adam Smith, the father of modern Economics...

UK Theater
This delightful docudrama from multitalented, inclusive, locally based drama group The Radicals, true to the authentic roots of the original Fringe,....

Adam Smith Lost Legacy : Gavin Kennedy

"Excellent Dramatisation of Adam Smith and his Views..."

"Overall, the performance of the cast was very good and most informative. It made its case well and effectively. My family who attended with me were highly positive about the learning experience and talked about it last night over dinner and this morning without any prompting from me."

July 2008
Unveiling of the Adam Smith Statue

Adam Smith Panmure House Edinburgh Adam Smith Panmure House Edinburgh

Panmure House, home to Adam Smith 1778 - 1790

Adam Smith Grave Edinburgh Adam Smith Grave Edinburgh

Adam Smiths grave in the Canongate Church

Adam Smith Statue Edinburgh Adam Smith Statue Edinburgh Adam Smith Statue Edinburgh

Adam Smith Statue Edinburgh Adam Smith Statue Edinburgh

Unveiling of the Adam Smith Statue

June 2008

The Radicals are pleased to announce that we will be attending the unveiling of the new Adam Smith statue on the Royal Mile here in Edinburgh on July the 4th.

Adam Smith Statue EdinburghAn imposing landmark monument to Adam Smith the pioneering Scottish economist, philosopher, and author of The Wealth of Nations will be unveiled soon.
This, the first important public monument to Adam Smith, will take the form of a large bronze statue on a massive stone plinth, and will stand in the historic heart of Edinburgh, Scotlands capital and the city where he worked and died. This honour is long overdue. As author of The Wealth of Nations (1776), Adam Smith was the pioneer of what today we call economics. He championed the benefits of specialization and free trade, creating the very idea of the modern market economy that dominates the free world today. He is a central figure of the Scottish Enlightenment.

Edinburgh City Council has given its permission to place the statue in one of the most striking sites which Scotlands capital has to offer. The chosen spot is in the Royal Mile, downhill from the Castle that dominates the City, just outside the Cathedral, and immediately opposite the City Chambers. Appropriately, the statue will stand on the site of an ancient market.

The old Mercat Cross remains, just a few steps away. The Smith monument will be in
line of sight of the recent statue of Smiths friend David Hume, and willlook downhill to the
Canongate (where Smith is buried), towards the harbour of Leith (with its connotations of trade and commerce), and over the sea to the county of Fife, where Smith was born. It could
hardly be a better position.

April 2008
Coming to the 2008 International Justice Festival:

The Scottish Enlightenment & Justice and Peace for Today
The performance is at 5.00 on Sunday, 29 th Junealso atartSpace, St. Marks Unitarian Church, Castle Terrace, Edinburgh, Scotland.

April 2008

The docu-drama for this years Living Philosophy on the Fringe is ADAM SMITH Making Poverty History.

All performances are at 5.00pm. The dates are:

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2008Sunday, 3 rd August: World Premiere
Sunday, 10 th August: 2 nd Performance
Saturday, 16 th August: 3 rd Performance
Sunday, 24 th August: 4 th Performance

All performances are at Edinburgh Festival Fringe Venue 125, artSpace, at St. Marks Unitarian Church, Castle Terrace, Edinburgh. You are invited to note the dates and to inform any who might be in Scotland in August.

Feb 2008
The docu-drama " Jeremy Bentham - the pursuit of happiness", which was performed at the Edinburgh Fringe 2007 and "Socrates - life and legacy".

Jan 2008
Final preparations for the play-readings Jeremy Bentham - the pursuit of happiness and Socrates - life and legacy for publishing and purchase from this website.

November 2007
A revision of the forthcoming play-reading of Adam Smith - make poverty history is performed at the Glasgow Unitarian Church.

October 2007
You will find some summaries of David Humes' most important writings: "An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding" and "An Enquiry Concerning the Principle of Morals". These summaries are offered as a preview of a forthcoming book "Living Philosophy"

September 2007
The play-reading of Scotlands famous philosopher David Hume is available for purchase here.

August 2007
The play reading Jeremy Bentham - The pursuit of Happiness was successfully performed over three show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

May 2007
This website goes live

April 2007
The Radicals win an award from Scotland Unltd to help in production of this website and promoting the Radicals plays.

August 2006
The Radicals successfully perform David Hume - Citizen of the World and Socrates - last days and legacy at the 2006 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

May 2006
The docu-drama Socrates - last days and legacy was finalised and dress rehearsals began.

August 2005
The docu-drama David Hume -Citizen of the World was performed by the Radicals at the Edinburgh Fesitval Fringe.

the philosophical works of David Hume

In the last years of Wallys' life he wrote extensively on the philosophical works of David Hume.

Our Philosophy plays & Philosophy Lessons

Interested in using our philosophy plays during your philosophy lesson for your University Philosophy, High School Philosophy, Open University and College Philosophy class? We have advice for your philosophy lesson. We have had great feedback and reviews of our philosophy plays as performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe over 5 years of performances as a resource for those wanting to learn about philosophy.

If you have found our webpage valuable then please see our notes on how to use our philosophy plays, philosophy lessons and philosophy activities in your class / study group.

Living Philosophy for plays, activities and teaching philosophy lessons.
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