Our philosophy plays were written by Rev Dr Wally Shaw, a teacher and philosopher, as a study aid for those wanting to learn about philosophers David Hume, Adam Smith, Jeremy Bentham and Socrates.

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philosophy plays at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe


Can this plea be justified? To find out why some people think it can be, come to St Mark’s Church, Castle Terrace artSpace (venue 125) during the Edinburgh International Festival Fringe in August.

There will be the “World Premier” of “SOCRATES – Last Days and Legacy” on Monday 21st of August followed by two subsequent performances on Saturday 26th of August and Tuesday 29th of August.

Each presentation will start at 5.00 and last 75 minutes with no intervals.

If you have an interest in finding out about Socrates and his message for today then this is a highly engaging and stimulating method.

Attend Socrates ‘show’ trial in Athens and hear the evidence against him as well as his responses as recorded by Plato. Visit him in prison with his friends and family and listen as he engages in dialogue with some of his companions. Watch as he calmly accepts death rather than betray his principles.

As well as Plato, this docu-dramatic play reading will feature Socrates other friends such as Crito, Phaedo, Echecrates, Simmias and his wife Xanthippe. There will even be appearances by the Prophetess, the Oracle of Delphi as well Lady Wisdom and Lady Justice. His enemies Anytus and Meletus are also prominently featured.

A commentator guides the audience through the proceedings and there are contributions from Plato (a long established friend of Socrates), Aristotle (a student of Plato), David Hume (who was greatly influenced by Socrates), and Immanuel Kant (the German philospher who acknowledged Socrates legacy).

There are also comments from a member of the United Nations Association, a teacher, members of the Edinburgh Inter-Faith Association, a politician and a soldier.

The play has been professionally written by Wally Shaw, Produced by Ian Cameron and directed by Hugh Peebles. Gavin Bolus takes the part of Socrates and the narrator is Margo Daru-Elliot.


Our Philosophy Lessons, Philosophy Activities for Philosopher Socrates

We have had great feedback on our philosophy plays as an aid to learn philosophy either by yourself or as part of a study group. We also have favourable reviews of our plays when we performed them during the 5 years of performances at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, including our play on the life and legacy of Philosopher Socrates. Please see our webpage on Socrates - life and legacy.

These philosophy plays are suitable for use in university philosophy, college & high school philosophy or as a school class. We have notes on how to use these philosopohy plays during your philosophy lesson.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions.

If you have found our "Philosopher Socrates Press Release" for our Edinburgh Festival Fringe production valuable then please see our notes on how to use our philosophy plays, philosophy lessons and philosophy activities in your class.

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