Our philosophy plays were written by Rev Dr Wally Shaw, a teacher and philosopher, as a study aid for those wanting to learn about philosophers David Hume, Adam Smith, Jeremy Bentham and Socrates.

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philosophy plays at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe


The answer to this and many more questions relating to Scotland’s greatest philosopher, can be found at St Mark’s Church, Castle Terrace (venue 125) for five days during the festival fringe in august.

The world premier of the play “David Hume - Citizen of the World”, presented in a dramatic play reading form, will take place on Monday 8 August, 2005, at 12.00 (noon), and lasts just under 90 minutes.

The four other performances are on Tuesday 9 August at 7.30 pm, Wednesday 10 at 12.00 (noon), Thursday 11 at 12.00 (noon) and Sunday 14 at 5.00 pm.

This existential, authentic and relevant play on the life and teaching of David Hume consists of an interview with his older sister Katherine, interspersed with contributions from many of his friends and admirers, as well as his main critics.

Prominently featured are Adam Smith, (who considered Hume to be his closest friend), Benjamin Franklin, (who was assisted by Hume in Paris and Edinburgh), the Comtesse de Bouffler (one of Hume’s companions in France) and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, (who as a ten year old performed in many of the salons in Europe as well as for the Comtesse and David Hume).

Also contributing are Hume’s physician, Dr William Cullen and his secretary and biographer J H Burton. Jean Jacques Rousseau displays his supposed grievances and the Rev. Prof. Thomas Reid profoundly disagrees with many of Hume’s ideas and statements.

Included are tributes from a sceptic, a moralist, an historian, a political economist and a communicator, as well as Immanuel Kant and Jeremy Bentham.

Throughout the presentation a commentator provides a link and highlights Hume’s relevance to the modern world while proposing his approach is needed even more now than during his lifetime.

The play has been written by Wally Shaw and friends and is produced and directed by Graeme Ballantine. Richard Nasmyth plays David Hume and Josée Mobbs is Katherine Hume. The young Mozart will be performed by 10 year old Christopher Boerger from Indiana USA. At the final performance Richard Nasmyth, who is keen to expand his acting experience, will take another part and Graeme Ballantine, the play’s Director, will play David Hume.

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We have had great feedback on our philosophy plays as an aid to learn philosophy either by yourself or as part of a study group. We also have favourable reviews of these plays when we performed them during the 5 years of performances at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, including our play on Philosopher David Hume. Please see our webspage on David Hume Philosophy. life and legacy.

Our philosophy plays are suitable for use in university philosophy, college & high school philosophy or as a school class. We have notes on how to use these philosopohy plays, including our Play on the Philosoher David Hume, during your philosophy lesson.

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