Our philosophy plays were written by Rev Dr Wally Shaw, a teacher and philosopher, as a study aid for those wanting to learn about philosophers David Hume, Adam Smith, Jeremy Bentham and Socrates.

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Are you the father of laissé faire capitalism as interpreted by the American Neo-Conservatives bringing greater wealth to a few but greater poverty to the many? Or the father of the economics of Communism to be advocated by Marx and Lenin bringing greater equality to some but at the cost of civil strife and suffering to many? Or, are you the father of the science of economics based on the philosophy of moral sentiments for the wealth of all nations and all the people of all nations, not only for those who are feeling the pinch today but especially for those who are suffering extreme poverty as the rich get richer? Adam Smith, how much do you care for the suffering in our world? In character and personality and in your relationships with others: who are you? What is your story and how ought it to be applied to today’s world?


Do you reply, “It’s the economy, stupid. Money. Money, money, money, it’s a rich man’s world. The Wealth of Nations: here’s how you can get rich quick…”? Or do you reply, “It’s my Theory of Moral Sentiments on which I based my economics with concern for our suffering world…”?


I will be at artSpace, St. Mark’s Unitarian Church, Castle Terrace (VENUE 125) at the 2008 Festival Fringe.


The world premiere of Adam Smith – Making Poverty History will take place on Sunday, 3rd August at 5.00pm and lasts 80 minutes. The other performances are on Sunday, August 10th , Saturday, 16th and Sunday 24th are also at 5.00pm. The docu-drama has been written by Wally Shaw. The Producer is Josée Mobbs. Team Directors are Peter Arter and Margot Daru-Elliott. Cameron Pirie takes the part of Adam Smith with a cast of 14. A Narrator and a Commentator will suggest the urgent relevance for today.


This existential, authentic docu-drama tells the Adam Smith story with his mother, his headmaster, the Duke of Buccleugh, Ben Franklin, his friendship with David Hume and his influence on Robert Burns. It follows the provocative performances of

David Hume – Citizen of the World at the 2005 and 2006 Fringes;

Socrates – Last Days and Legacy also at the 2006 Fringe; and

Jeremy Bentham – the Pursuit of Happiness at the 2007 Fringe.

In 2007 The Radicals’ received a Scotland Unlimited millennium award for its inclusiveness of those who are differently able. This was to assist its Media Advisor to set up a website and to help them prepare further contributions to the Arts such as The Scottish Radical Enlightenment – Justice and Peace for Today which will be performed at the Edinburgh World Justice Festival on 29th June at 5.00 and Adam Smith – Making Poverty History at the Fringe. All of these performances are at St. Mark’s artSpace, Castle Terrace.

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We have had great feedback on our philosophy plays as an aid to learn philosophy either by yourself or as part of a study group. We also have favourable reviews of our plays when we performed them during the 5 years of performances at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, including our play on Adam Smith. Please see our webpage on Adam Smith Philosophy, life and legacy.

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