Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2009

Robert Burns - Bard of the Scottish Radical Enlightenment

This docudrama for the 2009 Edinburgh Festival Fringe and other Homecoming Scotland events seeks to do four things.

1. To provide some insight into the life and writings of Robert Burns with selective reference to influences upon him, especially David Hume and Adam Smith, from The Scottish Radical Enlightenment.

2. To evaluate through the belief that ignorance, injustice, cruelty and hypocrisy can only be removed by - and this is not simplistic cynicism - wisdom, justice, compassion and integrity, the four words on the mace in the Scottish Parliament.

3. To inspire an understanding not only of how this insight and belief can help solve basic personal, social, national, and international problems, but also how they can have their causes eradicated and some of their painful consequences removed from our suffering world.

4. To leave the audience with a realisation that in the Arts, if a picture is worth a 1000 words, a drama can make a quantum leap into many millions!

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